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Nov. 30th, 2008 | 07:08 pm

Wow, I have not written for a long, long time. Guess no one will be reading this anymore anyway. Decided to write again, as I am on the internet so much and found my password in an old email address.
Had a read through some of my old entrys, and even saw some photos taken during 2006 and I can't beleive that was only two years ago.
To be honest, I think I am the happiest now then I have been for at least 10 years. For once, everything in life is going smoothly, I have mostly what I want and what I still want I can see is in my grasp. I have a really good, strong relationship with my family, have my true friends back and working in a job I love. Pretty much, I can't wait to get out of bed in the morning. I know I haven't said that for a long, long time!
So the sun is shining, its been storms for a long time before that.
In other news, earthcore is on Friday and I am so excited. Can't wait to dance the weekend away, maybe with the help of something extra. We have a group of about 15 going, maybe more. Its so going to rock!!
CBF to write more at the moment. Speak soon, journal.

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