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Broken Rainbow

Welcome to my Nightmare

3 September
hair: At the moment purplish
eyes: green
sex: female
occupation: Night club work and student
status: Single
sign: Virgo
smoke: To much
drink: Always
60s fashion, alcohol, animals, art, bags, beads, books, boots, butterflys, candles, cappicinos, channel v, christina algulary, christina ricci, ciggerettes, city, clothes, clubbing, coal chamber, coffee, combi vans, concerts, corsets, cows, cradle of filth, crushes, dancing, dangly earings, daria, designing clothes, diaries, docs, dragon things, dream books/charts, drugs, edward scissorhands, expensive conditioner, faeries, family, fantasy, fire-twirling, flares, fortune telling, friends, frogs, funky material, glamour, glitter, goth, goths, grunge, guitars, hair dye, hair straigtner, happiness, heartbreak high, hello kitty, hippis, holidays, horoscopes, hot chocolate, hugs, incense, industrial, internet, jellewery, jerry springer, kisses, kissing, korn, kurt cobain, laces, lakes, late nights, legally blonde, liquid eye liner, love, madonna, magickal things, make-up, manson, mashed patatoes, metal music, mtv, nachos, nin, nirvana, oceans, op shops, open fires, photos, piercings, placebo, playstation, poetry, posters, power-puffs, prodigy, punks, pvc, reading, reality books, rice crackers, rings, rivers, roses, sailor moon, salads, savers, sewing, sex, silverchair, singing, sleeping in, slyvia plath, smashing pumpkins, south park, spikes, spooky stuff, stuffed olives, subway, sundried tomatos, tarot, tattoos, the 60s, the craft, the cure, the moon, tie dyed sheets, tie dyed stuff, toasting marshmellows, toe rings, trent reznor, twiggy, vampires, vegetarian foods, velvet, virgo things, water beds, writing, xena